5 best cloud backup services for Android in 2021

A cloud backup service is the best way to make sure that the contents of your Android device are always secure. Online backups for Android devices can prevent the loss of personal photos, videos, messages, emails, app data, bookmarks, and browser data – and any other important personal documents or files contained on the device. As a result, you can use a cloud backup to restore your Android device or to sync your personal data to a new device should the old one become lost, stolen, infected with malware or damaged.

With so many competing cloud backups for Android users – picking between them can be confusing. That is why we have curated this list of the five best cloud backups for Android – with details about which features you need to ensure that your smartphone or tablet is always safely backed up.

What are the best cloud backups for Android?

We have listed the very best cloud backup services for Android users below. Our recommendations have all the important features you need to back up your device automatically, and you can find out more about each service by scrolling down to our in-depth summaries.

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The best cloud backups for Android all offer the following features:

In-depth: 5 Best Android Cloud Backup Services

Below, we have included in-depth summaries about each provider. These will help you pick an Android cloud backup service that has the features you need at a price you can afford. For further details about the recommended cloud backup services, please check out our cloud storage reviews and guides.

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What features should an Android backup have?

Whether a cloud backup is suitable for Android depends on whether it has a custom Android app that can be used to back up and restore files. All of our recommendations have superb Android apps that are easy to use.

Beyond that, we searched for backup services that are reliable, have an excellent reputation, provide value-for-money, and have some or all of the essential cloud backup features below:

Best Cloud Backup for Android – Conclusion

There are many well-known cloud backup services available on the market, but not every service has what you need to back up your Android device effectively. In this article, we have pinpointed services that will provide ample security for your data, and easy-to-use Android apps that will let you quickly backup all your important files and folders so that they are secure against accidental loss, hacking, or device theft.

Our recommendations are services that offer the very best cloud storage features at a fair price. And, depending on your needs, we have included some cloud backup providers that give you full control over the encryption and security of your files. This ensures that you can retain exclusive control over the key to your data if you want to.

For more details about cloud backup services, please check out our “What is a cloud backup?” guide if you’re completely new to this topic. Finally, here is a reminder of our top cloud backups for Android:

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