5 Best Free Data Recovery Software in 2021

If you need to recover data from a device or hard drive, you may wonder what the best tool for the job is. The good news is that there are some free data recovery tools available for download that can help you recover your data if you have accidentally deleted it.

In this article, we have pinpointed the best free data recovery apps for restoring deleted files and folders on a Windows PC or Mac, and external devices such as hard drives, SD cards, USB sticks, cameras, and even Android and iOS devices

What is the best free data recovery software?

Here’s a quick rundown of the best data recovery software that doesn’t cost a penny! To find out more about each provider, keep on reading for our in-depth analysis.

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All of the free data software listed above provide the following features:

Why are they the best free data recovery apps?

Losing data is always extremely frustrating, which is why software for recovering accidentally deleted files and folders is such a godsend. Below, we have pinpointed the very best free applications for recovering software from a range of devices.

Each summary will provide details on the features that the data recovery software has – and which platforms it is best suited for. This will help you to pick the right free data recovery software for your particular needs.

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How does data recovery software work?

Data recovery software works by scanning your device for the remnants of files and folders that are no longer outwardly available via the file manager or finder. 

When you delete something from your device, it is not always deleted right away. Instead, the operating system may pencil that file (or folder) in for deletion once space on the hard drive becomes necessary. This creates a window of opportunity for restoring a deleted file or folder before it is gone forever. 

This is why it is also vital to take certain steps to properly wipe a device’s hard drive before selling it on – as failure to do so could allow the next owner to access your personal information.

Prevent data loss by backing up your data

By backing up your data securely to the cloud, you ensure that your data can be recovered in the easiest possible way. The best cloud storage services can be used to automatically back up your device’s files and folders.

This will ensure that your photos, videos, text files, app data, contacts, messages, etc, are always safely uploaded to servers on the internet.

Most cloud storage providers even have file versioning – which means that you can access older versions of files if you happen to alter or delete the contents of a file accidentally – and want to access the previous version.

Some cloud storage services even permit users to create snapshots of their device at a certain point in time, which allows the users to recover their device to that point if data or apps are lost or deleted for some reason. 

Backing up data to the cloud is much easier than recovering data from a device using data recovery software, which is why this is a great pro-active approach to preventing data loss. 

Check out our free cloud backups page for a list of the services without paying a dime.

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So, if you’re looking to prevent your data from getting lost, without the cost, then here’s a reminder of our top picks for free data recovery apps:

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