Best VPNs for Optus Sport – Unblock Optus Sport in 2021

Optus Sport has gone from strength to strength since its 2016 launch, and it’s now is the best place to watch European football in Australia. 

This guide will let you in on everything you need to know about the best VPNs for Optus Sport so you can maximize both your streaming speeds and security whilst watching the football. 

What are these the best VPNs for Optus Sport

Before we take a closer look at the best VPNs to use for Optus Sport, here’s a summary of our top picks:

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When choosing the VPN that’s right for you, you’ll want to look for one with: 

The Best VPNs for Optus Sport: an in-depth analysis 

We take a closer look at the best Optus Sport VPN services below. If you need more information about any of the services in the list below, check out our detailed VPN reviews.

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What can I watch on Optus Sport? 

Optus Sport exclusively shows football and mainly focuses on the Premier League, Japanese League, and European competitions. 

However, Optus Sport only has the rights to show games in Australia, so you’ll need a VPN if you want to watch the action from anywhere else in the world. However, not all VPN services can unblock Optus Sport, only the best VPN services will be able to. This is why it’s important to stick to the recommendations in this article or thoroughly research a VPN before buying to ensure it works with Optus Sport.

Do I need to pay for an Optus Sport Subscription?

Yes. You can sign up to Optus Sport for $14.99/month (Approx $11.70 USD), or purchase the Annual Pass for $139/month (approx. $104.50 USD). 

Once you have an account, you can log in on your phone, tablet, computer or games console and you won’t have to spend another penny. 

Optus used to offer a 14-day free trial period, which was perfect if you just wanted to stream a single game, but this is no longer available. In the knowledge they’ve done this before, it might be worth having a quick look for a deal just before you sign up in case they launch another off-the-cuff discount promotion. 

That being said, $11.70 USD is a very reasonable price for full premier league coverage – it’s less than Sky customers in the UK pay per month for just one-third of the premier league games. 

How to use a VPN for Optus Sport

Go to the homepage of one of the VPN providers listed in this article and sign up for an account, like ExpressVPN. 

  1. Subscribe to one of the best VPNs for Optus Sport.
  2. Download and install your VPN onto your chosen device(s). You can find the software and simple installation steps on the provider’s website.
  3. Choose a server in Australia from the provider’s server list. 
  4. Navigate to the Optus Sport homepage. You may need to sign up for their services if you haven’t already. 
  5. Enjoy watching the game!

Can I unblock other sites with a VPN?

All the VPNs featured in this article have good track records when it comes to unblocking the most sought-after sites. 

VPNs work by funneling your internet traffic through a private server, disguising your IP address and allowing you to act as if you were inside the borders of the country the server is located in.

Netflix’s US library and BBC iPlayer, for example, are two sites that many people outside of the UK and US want to access, and you can do so by connecting to servers in those countries. 

Investing in a VPN then, particularly if you live under a regime that restricts internet access in some way, shape, or form, is the quickest and safest way to expand the content you can access online. 


To access Optus Sport from outside Australia you’re going to need a VPN, no ifs or buts, and hopefully, you now know which one works for you. 

If you’re still unsure, here are our top 5 picks again: 

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