Best VPNs for PES – Mobile, PC, Xbox, and Playstation

Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer turns 25 this year, and despite being widely considered as second best to FIFA, in recent years the game has regained a footing in several national markets. 

However, PES, as well as the rest of your gaming experience, can be greatly enhanced by using a VPN – so it’s crucial to know how.  In this guide, we list the best VPNs for PES and give you tips on how to get the most out of them.

What are the best VPNs for PES

An in-depth analysis of the best VPNs for PES can be found if you scroll down, but here’s a summary of our top picks to get you started: 

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All of the services above have the following features to ensure you get the most out of your VPN for PES:

Best VPN for PES | in-depth analysis

Here’s a detailed rundown of our top picks and why we recommend them with confidence:

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Why do I need a VPN for PES? 

There are a number of ways a VPN can improve your Pro Evo experience. Seasoned PES players will be no strangers to the threat of a DDoS attack, which will make your connection time out but requires knowledge of your IP address to action. A VPN would block any DDoS attacker from seeing your IP. 

If you play PES on a PlayStation, a VPN will be particularly useful as PES game-matching is region-locked on the PlayStation Network. However, using a VPN will allow you to connect to games in other regions and enter tournaments and competitions hosted in other countries on any console. 

If you live in a region where PES isn’t the most popular football game on the market, on the other hand, geo-spoofing your location may help you find games quicker. 

On top of this, there have been several recent reports of Konami ID accounts being hacked, so encrypting your traffic when playing PES and taking advantage of a provider’s other security features would be a wise move. 

What to look for in a VPN for PES

When choosing a VPN for PES (and many other games), the factors that need to be considered include: 

Is PES banned in my country?

Although there is no official list of countries where PES is banned, there have been reports in the last couple of years of the game being unavailable in the Southern European nations of Serbia and Bosnia, and others have reported similar further north in Belarus. Users in Malaysia have also reported trouble accessing the game. 

So if you’d like to play PES from inside these territories, or anywhere else the game is blocked for that matter, then a VPN is the best tool for the job. 

What’s the fastest VPN for PES?

We recommend the fast VPNs in our list above. They make reliable, quick connections that shouldn’t affect your internet speeds and they also have a host of other features that make them stand out from the crowd. 

However, if you’re purely looking for speed and nothing else, it may be worth checking out the VPNs we test daily for speed below: 

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Will a VPN improve my gaming speeds?

The short answer is: no. The brute fact of the matter is that a VPN is an extra destination your data has to travel to on its journey to the device receiving it, which is why even the best VPNs (usually) won’t claim to increase your speeds but instead not affect them. 

However, there is a slim chance a VPN may speed you up, which is if your internet service provider is practicing bandwidth throttling, the process of deliberately slowing down of the transmission of data from high-usage users to a given server. If your IP address and internet activity are hidden from your internet provider, they won’t know what data you’re sending and won’t be able to bandwidth throttle you. 

Will a VPN improve my speeds on PES?

Unfortunately, PES is reasonably well-known for its latency problems. You might be being bandwidth throttled, or it might be the game itself, but in either scenario choosing a VPN with a negligible impact on ping (i.e. super quick speeds) is the best thing to do. 

As mentioned above, a significant percentage of PES games are P2P connections, so geographical location may play a role in connection quality and speeds. If you can work out where in the world the players you’re connecting are located, you may be able to connect through a VPN server also located there for an improved connection.

PES is also much more popular and will have more users in some locations rather than others. If you’re using an Xbox or PC and can connect to South America, that’s definitely worth a shot if all else fails, as the game still has a reasonable foothold there. 

Remember, all of the VPNs on this list offer money-back guarantee periods of at least a month, so you can test a provider (as well as your internet connection) out for yourself and see if they improve your speeds.

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Why you should avoid free VPNs

Purchasing a free version of a paid product is always tempting – and if you’re a PES player, particularly on mobile, you may want to take advantage of one of the many free VPNs on the app store. 

There are some good free VPNs out there by all means, but a lot of free VPNs come with issues paid services to don’t. In the past, free ‘VPNs’ have been found to be:

Free VPNs are much more likely to have questionable privacy policies as they have little incentive to actually protect their users – and if they do have premium versions attached to them, they’re likely omitting some key features from the free service. 


Hopefully, you can now see why you should download a VPN before you kick-off your next PES match – the reasons are virtually endless. Here’s a reminder of our top picks again: 

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