Black Friday VPN deal highlights 2020|Our favorite VPN deals available this Black Friday

Every year people flock to stores and websites to purchase items they believe are a bargain, and VPNs are no different. But what you might not realize is that many of the items offered on Black Friday are not the great deals that they first appear to be. In fact, some VPNs will often offer year round deals that are simply repackaged as Black Friday offers.

So, how do you know that you’re actually getting a good deal?

It is possible to get a great limited time deal on a VPN subscription during the Black Friday period, but you need to know where to look.  Fortunately, ProPrivacy have rounded up the absolute best Black Friday bargains to save you the trouble!

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What are the best Black Friday VPN deals in 2020?

These are the best Black Friday VPN deal available this year:

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Want more deals? To see a complete list of all our Black Friday offers, click through to our comprehensive Black Friday VPN deals page!

Why are these the best VPN Black Friday deals?

Companies’ Black Friday trickery can make purchasing a VPN a bit of a gamble, and it is vital to look around carefully to be sure that you are actually snagging an offer. The good news is that when it comes to VPNs, Black Friday is the best time of year to purchase a subscription.

Tech-savvy VPN enthusiasts often purchase their annual VPN subscription each year on Black Friday – because it really is the best time to get a reliable VPN service at rock-bottom prices.

Shopping around for the best Black Friday VPN deal can be a bit of a pain, particularly if you don’t know which VPNs are reliable and trustworthy. 

The best Black Friday VPN deals: A closer look

To help you find a real deal, below we explain why our experts consider these VPN deals the best options for Black Friday 2020.

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What to look for in a VPN Black Friday deal

The important thing to remember is that there are hundreds of consumer-facing VPNs on the market, and not every VPN service was created equal.

Many cheap VPNs provide an inferior service, so you must pick a VPN that has a mind-blowing Black Friday deal – but also is a reliable service that will give you the best VPN experience all year round. 

The VPN deals in this article are all from recognized VPN providers that are known to provide great privacy and unblocking because they have all the important VPN features below:

So… Thinking of getting a VPN? Here’s a reminder of the best Black Friday VPN deals:

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Other great Black Friday deals

Aside from our top Black Friday VPN picks, there are plenty of other deals on software that you can use to keep yourself private and secure online. Below, we take a look at some of the standout deals of 2020.

Best Black Friday Password Manager Deal

Sticky Password logo

Sticky Password

Save 85% on a lifetime subscription – just $39.99

Many people use the same password across all of their online accounts and the reason is simple – it can be hard to remember multiple secure passwords. Sticky Password can help by securely storing all your passwords in one place, making them easily accessible for when you need them. This makes creating, remembering and using a secure password a breeze.

Over the Black Friday period, Sticky Password is offering users the chance to sign up to their service for life for the low cost of just $39.99. For this you will get multiple device syncing for your passwords, strong encryption to keep them secure, 2FA as an extra security measure, as well as many other useful features.

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Best Black Friday Cloud Storage Deal

NordLocker logo


Get 60% off a 1-year subscription with 500GB storage

NordLocker is a secure cloud storage solution from the makers over the world famous NordVPN. We found this new service to be super easy to use, and we were pleased to find that safely sharing files with friends and family was simple too, thanks to the useful Dropbox integration on offer.

From October 28th until December 1st Nord are offering users the chance to get 60% off a 1-year subscription to NordLocker which includes 500GB of storage. This means you pay $38.28, instead of the usual price of $95.88.

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Best Black Friday Secure Email Deal

ProtonMail logo


Get 35% off the monthly cost – just $3.25/month (billed $39.00/year)

If you’re looking for a secure email service, then ProtonMail is one of the first names you think of. Over the years they have built up a reputation of trust and security with a strong user base by offering a reliable, secure service across Mac, Windows, Android and iOS.

Throughout the Black Friday period, users can get 35% off a yearly subscription to ProtonMail. This brings the montly price down the just $3.25 – which is billed at $39.00/year.

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Non-Black Friday VPN Deals

It doesn’t need to be Black Friday to get a good deal on a VPN. Some providers do a good job of slashing their prices in all sorts of sales and discounts throughout the year, and some VPNs are just downright cheap to begin with all year-round.

Here’s a list of some of the best non-seasonal VPN deals you can pick up at the moment.


Buy 12-months and get 12-months free!

PrivateVPN haven’t got a Black Friday deal this year because, well, they do an outstanding job at delivering excellent deals all year around!

Currently, for just $1.98/month you can get PrivateVPN for 2-years with their buy 1-year, get 1-year free offer! This is truly an outstanding deal given the performance and versatility PrivateVPN offers when compared with more premium prices VPNs!

Want to torrent, stream, game or unblock content? PrivateVPN can do all of this reliably and without breaking the bank!

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Save 61% when purchasing 26-months

Hide.Me are running a great deal at the moment where users can get their service for just $4.99/month (that’s 61% off the monthly cost) AND 2-months free when signing up to the 2-year plan.

There are cheaper VPN deals available right now, but when it comes to sheer value through performance and especially privacy, Hide.Me is up there as one of the best.

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[[post-object type=”accordion” question=”Will a VPN improve my privacy?” answer=”Yes! A VPN encrypts your internet traffic, securing your data and internet usage in an undecipherable tunnel – so websites, internet service providers, hackers, and even the government can’t see what you’re doing online. With a VPN, you can:

<ul class=’feature-list feature-list–like’>

<li>Beat government firewalls and restrictions</li>

<li>Get around work/school network censorship</li>

<li>Access foreign Netflix libraries</li>

<li>Torrent in safety and without revealing your IP</li>

<li>Spoof your location to access websites and services in other countries</li>


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