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Good Antivirus Software for Windows 10

Looking for good antivirus software for Windows 10? Of course, you can ask friends for advice or read numerous reviews, many of which are far from the most competent. But it is better to trust the professionals in testing the software and choose the best one. Therefore, first of all, pay attention to what AV-Test says about antiviruses.

How are antiviruses tested for Windows 10?

AV-Test considers 18 antivirus programs for the private use of Windows 10. It is an independent institution that determines the best antivirus, exposing it to threats typical of Windows.

This year, examiners published new test reports based on surveys conducted in April last year. In the report for private users with Windows 10, they highlighted not only proven famous programs, but even Microsoft’s built-in solution received high marks.

Three assessment criteria

As usual, AV-Test once again tested antivirus programs in three categories.

  • In the Protection category, they should recognize and reflect as many threats and potential attacks as possible.
  • Speed ​​programs get the highest score if it slows down the system to a minimum or does not interfere with work in the background.
  • And usability indicates how much the software affects the usability of the system during its operation – for example, warning messages, general messages, and interference, or false alarms during system scanning.

Test results

The best antivirus solutions this year include:

  • Kaspersky Lab
  • Trend Micro Internet Security
  • McAfee Internet Security.

All three were rated 17.5 out of 18 possible points. Other software solutions did not lag.  So, 17 out of 18 points received such programs as

  • Avast free antivirus
  • AVG Internet Security
  • Bitdefender internet security
  • Comodo Internet Security
  • Microworld eScan
  • Symantec Norton Security
  • VIPRE Advanced Security.

AhnLab V3 Internet Security and Avira Antivirus Pro get a full score of 6 points in each category.

Reliable protection and no failures

The good news is that almost all 18 tested programs get 5.5 or 6 defense points. Only the Pitstop computer program is gaining 4 points, so it also takes the last place in the ranking.

From the ease of use, PC Pitstop and F-Secure anti-virus programs are unconvincing: more than 3.5 points are not enough in the test. All other programs receive at least 5 points.

Final verdict

Keep in mind that even the best antivirus scanner is unlikely to protect against unknown threats. If the virus is new, there is a chance that it will go unnoticed and cause damage. This is why a quick signature update is important because only good virus scanners can find all known viruses.

To protect against viruses, the current system with the latest updates for Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, browser and application software is very important. Because updates close known security holes and obstruct or prevent malware from entering.

According to the latest AV-Test estimates, the most optimal solution for protecting Windows 10 is McAfee, Trend Micro, and Kaspersky. Avast, Avira, Komodo, AVG, Bitdefender, Symantec Norton Security, VIPRE Advanced Security, Microworld eScan also keep pace with this decision.