How to Watch the Festive Football Fixtures – Premier League and La Liga

Football and the festive season have gone hand in hand for many years now, and with only small numbers of fans allowed back into stadiums for the first time in months, many more will be watching along at home this year. 

This guide will show you how to stream the globe’s two most prestigious leagues, no matter where you are in the world.

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How to watch festive football fixtures

You can use a VPN to unblock Christmas football streams. VPNs change your IP address so you can pretend to be somewhere else and unblock streams from around the world. Follow the steps below to unblock matches from the Premier League and La Liga!

  1. Choose a reliable, secure VPN provider and sign up for their service. 
  2. Connect to a VPN server located in the United Kingdom, the United States, or another country that airs the Premier League/La Liga.
  3. Sign up to a TV channel broadcasting the games, such as Sky Sports in the UK or beIN Sports in the United States. 
  4. Start streaming the football and enjoying the festive season!

The best VPNs for watching Christmas football

We have listed the best VPNs for streaming the Christmas football below. All of these services will unblock football streams and keep your data secure while streaming. For more information about any of the services below, check out our detailed summaries for more information about any of these services.

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How to stream festive football fixtures

This festive season, Premier League fixtures will be split between BT Sport, Sky Sports and Amazon. Check out the guides below for more information about how to unblock the services showing the Christmas fixtures:

All three networks share the broadcasting spoils during the build-up to Christmas. Sky and BT then dominate the fixture list until the 28th of December, after which Amazon takes over through to the new year. 

One game – Aston Villa vs Crystal Palace 26th December – will be shown for free on BBC after Christmas.

Streaming Premier League games on Sky Sports 

Sky Sports has access to several premier league games during the month of December. For new customers, an 18 month Sky Package containing Sky TV and Sky plus and Sky Sports is available for £39/month (approx. $52 USD). Alternatively, a package with both Sky Sports and BT Sport is also available from Sky for £52/month (approx. $69 USD). 

If you’re already a customer with Sky, you can simply add Sky Sports channels to your package for a discounted price of £23/month (approx. $24 USD) on an 18-month contract. 

If you’re just looking for football, Sky Sports Premier League and Sky Sports Football are available for just £18/month (approx. $52 USD), on a 31-day rolling contract. 

Accessing Sky Sports with NOW TV

If you’re just looking for some footie with your festivities and don’t want to commit to an 18-month plan, then NOW TV may be a better option for you. 

They sell access to Sky sports in the form of daily and monthly passes. The one day package gives you 24 hours for just £9.99 (approx. $13 USD), whereas a month is available for £33.99 (approx. $45 USD). 

The best deal from NOW TV is probably their Mobile Monthly Pass, which affords you 28 days access to Sky Sports for just £5.99 (approx. $8 USD). 

Streaming Premier League games on Amazon 

 Amazon has secured some of the most eye-catching Premier League festive systems as they continue to expand services available under the Prime umbrella. 

 The service and the games are available for just £7.99/month (approx. $11 USD). The site offers a 30-day free trial on this service, however, which means you could feasibly watch all their festive football for free if you really wanted to. 

Streaming Premier League games on BT Sport 

BT has a large share of the Boxing day coverage, including Leicester vs Manchester United. You can get access for £25/month (approx. $33 USD), even if you aren’t an existing BT member, and there are various other packages in partnership with TalkTalk TV and Sky. 

BT Sport with Sky TV can be purchased on a rolling contract for £29.99/month (approx. $40 USD) whereas the Sky TV, Sky Sports and BT Sport package mentioned previously is available from Sky for £52/month (approx. $69 USD). 

Other options

The US also has a host of streaming services that show the premier league, and some of them offer free trials, which you can take advantage of as long as your VPN can unblock sites in America. 

Paying for American services

You may need a US payment method to access these services. Check out US unlocked for an easy-to-use pre-paid card that gives you a virtual US address – letting you access your favorite American services.

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How to stream festive La Liga matches 

Luckily a whole host of countries stream La Liga, including several of the most coveted VPN locations such as the United States. 

Watching La Liga for free

Occasionally, La Liga streams some games live on their Facebook page, and they upload highlights to their YouTube channel pretty quickly after games are over. 

Streaming La Liga using Premier Sports 

To access La Liga games over Christmas from the UK, you’ll need to be a Premier Sports customer. 

Existing Sky customers can get just one channel for £6.99/month (approx. $9 USD) through Premier Sports, or a £9.99/month (approx. $13 USD) package that includes four channels. Virgin Media customers can access Premier Sports 1, 2, and La Liga TV for just £9.99/month

Premier Sports is also available to use online – for just £6.99/month, you can get La Liga TV on your computer without signing up to Sky or Virgin. 

 Streaming La Liga using beIN Sports  

 Fans of Spanish football who live in the US, Canada and New Zealand rely on beIN Sports and beIN Sports Espanol for their coverage, as the company has exclusive rights to stream La Liga in the country. 

Like Sky Sports and NOW TV, you can access beIN Sports through sites such as FuboTV, which runs a free trial offer. 

Streaming La Liga using Kayo Sports 

Fans in Australia can also access beIN Sports, but have the option to go with sports streaming experts Kayo Sports, with a $25/month (approx. $33 USD) package that lets you watch on two screens simultaneously. 

Kayo Sports offer a two-week free trial, so you can test it out on whatever device you choose before paying any money. 

The Best VPNs to stream Christmas Football Fixtures

We take a closer look at the best VPNs for unblocking the Christmas football below.

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Why do I need a VPN to stream football?

VPNs allow users to access geo-restricted streams, content and websites from outside any given nation’s jurisdiction by rerouting traffic through a private server located there. 

In other words, it lets you pretend you’re in a different country to the one you’re actually in by giving you an IP address from wherever the server is located. Downloading a VPN, therefore, guarantees you won’t have to worry about missing the footie due to a lack of access.

Festive fixture dates

To find out exactly when your teams playing over the festive season, check out the Premier League and La Liga fixture lists by clicking the links.