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Opera vs. Opera Mini

Are among the millions of smartphone mobile users who do not care about using Internet Explorer for accessing the web online? Then, here are the two promising choices that you make use of to access the online web. Opera and Opera Mini.

However, if you don’t know anything about these web browsers, then this article is for people like you to understand, which option suits you the best. In this post, we will speak about the advantages of each of these browsers in more detail that can help you to select one for your web browsing.


This mobile browser has been designed for smartphones and PDAs specifically. It has a number of robust features and also supports most of the secure websites. Following are the different advantages of using Opera Mobile.

  1. Excellent UI

Navigating the web is as simple as the user can get with Opera Mobile web browser. It has a refresh button and moving backward and forward to the web page can be easy, by simply using the buttons, as you would do on a desktop browser. You can also bookmark a certain page that you frequently visit. With simple to use user interface, using Opera Mobile can be a good choice to make.

  1. Multiple Windows

Opera will allow opening multiple windows onto your browser providing you the ability to access a number of different pages at the same time. You can go back and forth as many times as you want, with the multiple windows features of Opera Mobile.

  1. Security

You can access the pages safely and securely, which might not be the case when it comes to Opera Mini. It is more secure in comparison to the light version of Opera Mini. Additionally, Opera Mobile also allows the user with the ability to zoom in on a certain page, if they want to use the menu options.

Opera Mini

It is a Java-based web browser and might not be a good option to access secure websites. However, it does have its own set of advantages. Following are the different advantages of using Opera Mini.

  1. Performance

The overall working of the Opera Mini browser works in the following fashion. It sends the request to access the page to the opera servers, which then in return download and compress the page and sends it back to the browser. And since the pages are compressed and then transmitted to the browser, the performance of the Opera Mini is good in comparison.

  1. Mobile Tuning

The browser not only receives compressed pages, but it also optimizes the size of the pages that it makes it visually more appealing as compared to its counterpart, Opera Mobile. Due to this, the user might feel that some of the pages look better on Opera Mini as compared to Opera Mobile.

  1. Touch Zooming

The zooming functionality works better on Opera Mini as it zooms in and out with a single touch. Thus making the browser more efficient and easy to use in terms of zooming in and out to see the pages.

Wrapping Up

While both of these browsers have their own set of advantages, Opera Mobile is more secure and reliable in terms of accessing the web online.

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