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Types of ATV Spreader for Everyday Tasks

The definition of the ATV spreader implies it’s a device one can mount on top of a utility vehicle to spread materials like animal food, seeds, etc. ATV spreader is often used to spread fertilizer, ice melting materials, etc. Very often the device is put in the back of the ATV. However, some models need it to be attached to the front. ATV spreader has three main elements: a container, a spinning disk, and a motor. Depending on the model, a user may adjust the spreading speed, the range, etc.

Types of ATV spreaders

In case you own a huge field or a big garden, you are sure to need an ATV spreader. It’ll come in handy and bring many possibilities. This gadget is sure to make your life easier. So, the first type of ATV spreader is the field spreader. It has plenty of useful features and works perfectly spreading things on both sides. Usually, such spreaders have an on/off switch and load up to 80 lb. One can easily cover lots of ground and simplify gardening and related jobs. The peculiar thing about it is the rain cover. This way you won’t have to make it yourself. Check if the model you like has a warranty.

Another kind of ATV spreaders deals with food plotting. It’s a simple and useful device introduced for planting food plots. A user can regulate the dispensed amount of food. As a rule, such devices hold up to 50 lb. and are compatible with most ATVs. Popular models come with a quick-release system for fast and simple detaching.

There are options dedicated to spreading fertilizer. Depending on the size of the ground you need to fertilize, one can pick the ATV spreader with up to 150 lb. capacity. It’s important to pick the best spreader made of high-quality material. In this category, durable plastic seems like the most suitable option.

In case you’d like to get one multi-purpose ATV spreader, there are such devices, too. They stand out by being versatile. It’s the best choice for everyday tasks. The main functions, in this case, will include spreading various materials. This will include fertilizer, seeds, salt, food, etc. Models range in size and can have over 100 lb. capacity.

Top things you need to know when making a choice

You must have already studied the most popular solutions from manufacturers like Buyers Products, Moultrie, Field Tuff, and Swisher Commercial. However, in case you are still at a loss, you should follow these tips to help you choose.

  1. Size matters. It’s important to pick an ATV spreader that is big enough to cover your grounds. However, getting too big isn’t a very good idea either.
  2. Take into account the purpose of the gadget. In case you only want it to melt ice, you should get the one designed specifically for it. If you see plenty of possibilities with it, the multi-purpose options are better.
  3. The simplicity of using should be another essential factor, too.
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