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What is a VPN on Android?

Has there been a situation, when you had to go to Starbucks or any other public place to use the public Wi-Fi on your mobile devices? If you had to use a public Wi-Fi and that you too on a regular basis, it is not an ideal situation, to be honest for your mobile devices to be connected to public Wi-Fi on frequent terms. This is because such type of networks are not secure and has to the potential to risk you sensitive and personal information exposed to cyber threats.

Giving away your financial data like credit card information and personal photos can be a threating position to find yourself in. However, if there is nothing that you can do except using public networks on your mobile device, let us tell you that you can at least make use of VPN services to safeguard your data and device. So what is VPN in Android, you may ask? Let us talk about it, in more detail.


Virtual Private Network allows the user to connect their mobile devices when accessing data over the internet to a secure connection. Using VPN users can perform a lot of things, which includes but is not limited to, accessing geo-restricted content and websites, hiding IP address while browsing data over the internet, and keep the Android devices secure overall.  

In more technical terms, when you connect your Android device to a VPN network, the browsing of your mobile device will get routed from a variety of servers all over the world. This would provide a proxy IP address, hiding your own mobile devices IP address. For instance, if you live in the USA, and using VPN service, you will be asked to connect with one of the servers available in different countries. So, if for example you choose a server in China, and are browsing a particular website, that website will be able to see the IP address not of USA, but of China.

Reason to use VPN on Android

Accessing data over public networks is not at all secure and reliable. And with the user performing more and more of their daily works through their mobile devices, like sending and receiving confidential documents or money through banks, it is important to safeguard those details and your credentials, to avoid any kind of leaks and financial loss.

In addition to this, there might be some people who would like to access websites and content from other countries, but that website would not be accessible in your country for may be due to some governmental regulations or any other potential reason. By connecting to the internet through a VPN channel, you can connect to thousands of servers that enable access in different countries, you can gain access to any particular website or data in whichever country you want. Removing the geo-restricted content barrier altogether.

Wrapping Up

VPN not only safeguards your sensitive information from the outside world but also ensure data accessibility from anywhere in the world. And with so many different VPN service providers, you can choose anyone that best suits your requirements.

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